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Ordinary Member: Must be people of Greek descent who are natives of the Island of Castellorizo or persons of Greek descent from a district within 45 kilometres of the island of Castellorizo or are descendants of such natives, or are married to such natives or their descendants (ordinary members have voting rights and are eligible to be board members)

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Associate Member: are those who wish to be included as part of the Castellorizian community as associate members but are not of Castellorzian descent, (Associate members do not have voting rights and are not eligible to stand for the Board). You require 2 current member's signatures to nominate you as a new member.

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It is your responsibility to notify Secretary of the Club of your change of address in order to receive a renewal notification in the future. This can be done via email or in writing to the address below:

Annual Membership is $44 (inclusive of GST)
For Financial Year pt April 2015- 31st of March 2016
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Castellorizian Club ltd - NSW
ACN 000 791159